PREMEX delivers premium publisher solutions that leverage audience insights, inventory management, demand integration and new distribution channels to unlock value.

We take 5% of inventory and deliver upwards of 10x more revenue.

Premex offers the ability to monetize your inventory at the apex of CPMs. By offering proprietary tools to characterize your audience, we offer a new approach to inventory allocation - one that emphasizes knowing your audience and not just the channel.



Publishers can run the Premex HNW Optics pixel on their site to characterize traffic and shape demand.

Publishers can then place inventory into our Private Marketplace and set floors which adjust for the scarcity and the available demand.  

Premex was born out of a desire to create a better ad platform for marketers to reach highly targeted, verified and qualified audiences.
— Ben Segal, Co-Founder


Audience Insights

Premex layers our proprietary WealthGraph data to drive audience insights and create actionable insights in your programmatic media buys.  Other intent signals such as gender, context, content affinity, geo, and device type further refine your targeting.

Audience Extension

Premex provides a publisher DSP to run high impact formats that enhance user experience and increase ROI at scale to reach and engaging high net worth audiences across the open web on all screens and devices.

Private Marketplace

The Premex "Digital Velvet Rope” provides exclusive and targeted access to PMP inventory from premium, niche and strategic publishers, resulting in increased CPM values and better inventory allocation.


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