Premex Nominated for i-Hamptons

Premex was nominated to present that the i-hamptons' RipTide Sink or Swim event in late-November.  Check out out new video and leave some feedback at:

Premex is a premium digital advertising solution seeking to disrupt the $11B luxury advertising industry. Co-founders Ben Segal (Salesforce) and David Friedman (WealthX) realized that automated digital solutions work for mass marketers to reach a broad audience, but have failed luxury brands that target High Net Worth (HNW) consumers, who could be in the market for a Rolex, Ferrari, or private jet. Identifying HNW individuals online is like looking for a golden needle in a haystack. Premex has developed an innovative, data-first solution WealthGraph(sm) that allows brands and publishers to characterize, measure and predict HNW audience engagement and campaign exposure.