Co-Founder David Friedman Interviewed on HighDriveTV's "Entreprenuer's Playbook"

[Excerpt]: "The final key area where I think innovation is going to happen based on wealth data driving is in the ad technology world.  The reality is up until now if you were a luxury brand or private bank you were unable to target someone who is ultra-affluent online from a digital advertising technology standpoint.  The whole ecosystem is based on scale, not based on targeting.  So Premex is a company I’ve co-founded where we’re going to take all I’ve learned on the data side and integrate it into the existing ecosystem around ad technology and allow people to be targeted; allow brands to be targeted to really engage high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals...[however, since] the existing ecosystem with ad agencies and everything that’s been built is geared against that, we’re [also] going to build a completely new ecosystem in technology infrastructure around that."  

Watch the video interview.