Access to Premium Inventory

With unique access to exceptional inventory from premium publishers and niche media partners, we aggregate verified audiences to provide private marketplace access to select brands, agencies and their technology partners. We further amplify audience buying with our proprietary data to deliver scale and increased yield.

Less is indeed more: we take 5% of media buying and deliver upwards of 5x performance. 



YOUR BRANDS WILL BENEFIT          from unprecedented reach to elusive high net worth audience segments using proprietary WealthGraph data and unique inventory from our premium publishers. PREMEX supports cross channel campaigns across mobile, video, display, social and native supply.



Our campaigns are all inclusive with data, media and services. Since they are run against our unique audience and premium supply we are a natural partner to expand your current media buying activities. We accommodate a variety of campaign goals from CPC to CPM to maximizing awareness through brand lift analysis. 

“We know that in order to connect to [mobile web] audiences we need to create unique experiences.”

Mark Howard, Forbes Media CRO

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